Janky Chat

Yeah, it’s a little Janky. It’s still fun. Like that dive bar that refuses to fix it’s quirks, but you still enjoy it right? It’s like that.

Some one made us have some rules – thanks Dave. Some else made us post about privacy – (it’s janky too!)

Aside from that bull shit, we have the chat room – and so you can go there and start it up.

No registration is required to use the sex chat rooms here – although you can choose to register a free profile and that will give you an actual screen name instead of “anonymouseuser4654”.

If you choose to register a free profile, you’ll need a valid email addy to verify so we can prevent spam, you can choose to use that email to get notifications if someone sends you a DM or freind request, you can also turn off such notifications easily. Those who have a profile will have their screen name listed in the members section – and people will be able to send you pms/dms through the profile system if they are also registered.

There are many other cool options for members like groups and media sharing – but it’s not required in order to enjoy the free chat rooms.

We do not send any spam to registered users, and we do not allow spam in our chat rooms. We do actively ban people that post things that are against our rules. If you see something posted that is against our rules, hover over the message and a small explanation point will be clickable to report it to us as spam. Spam is removed more than once daily on most days.

We hope people use this system to have fun and connect with other people who want to enjoy mature conversations. If you have any questions please see our FAQ first. Questions and suggestions can be sent via our contact us form.

Have a nice day, and hopefully make it a naughty night!

~ Janky Admins

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