About Us

Janky Chat is a place for adults to have fun and frolic. Nothing too serious is to be found here. Have some fun, but do not make others upset. It is that simple really. If you must say things that are not PC / politically correct, then please keep that in pm / private messages. We want this to be fun for everyone, not just a few of any type of people.

So yeah, we’re a little sensitive, but because we want everyone to have fun and get a little jank without too much stress. We are still about free speech, just keep it to the proper places.

Compensation Disclosure

We display text, pics and video ads from some of our ad partners around this site. When you click over to another web site, we may be compensated financially, with sexual favors, or other things / services of value from the portals that are mentioned around this site.

We believe the sites we advertise are awesome! These are hand picked with our years of experience with live video sex. These sites have hot girls and guys 7 days and nights a week, and they are trusted to spend time and money with them. Some people think that because we may earn a commission or get other valuable things from these partners that it clouds our reason. Sure, ad both thing could be true – one does not negate the other.

If you would like to learn more about getting compensation for advertising sex chat sites, or to get money from sharing your webcam live online – see the information posted at the Sex Chat Guru web site.

We hope you enjoy sharing freaky fun things with others. enjoy responsibly.

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