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These are the Terms of Service for using our or visiting our website .

You must be 18 years old or older to use this site.

You may not post anything about anyone younger than 18, even your past self.

No advertising, No hate, No harassing.

don’t post anything here you would not want to be republished in the public, we try to keep things patched up once in a while, but insecure vulnerabilities will be in everyone’s future and that’s just the way it goes. We try to keep from getting too janky – but we ain’t perfect.

do not solicit donations or money / goods for anything including charity. Do not engage with anyone who asks you for money or where you live / work.

No sharing phone numbers, addresses or any other shit like that – don’t exchange facebook info or other identifying stuff.

Have fun and don;t impede on other people’s fun.

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